Liberian Association of Cleveland and Environs (LACE)

Mr. Martin Zeinway - President 

The Liberian Association of Cleveland & Environs is a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting Liberians and others with achieving the American dream; forming partnerships with Clevelanders to address challenges and to create awareness about issues confronting Liberia, a West African Country. 

Founded in 1982 for the purposes of addressing the social needs and desires of students and their communities. Over time, the organization lived up to theses purposes. However, changing of times led to new challenges for the organization, which were adequately handled by the various generations of leaderships of the organization. For example, money and material supports were provided to Liberians in need during Liberia's the civil war. The organization was very instrumental in providing moral, educational, as well as financial supports to the recently resettled Liberians within Cleveland. The organization has also begun providing scholarships to deserving students of our community and other communities, including the Nigerian Community of Greater Cleveland (NCGC). The organization is partnering with other businesses, including La Boricana Foods, Margaret Wong and Associates, Pernel Jones and Sons Funeral Home, Hookes African Foods, Graphical Conceptions, Kamoe Corner Store, Etc., to raise needed funds for the Homelessness Program of the City Mission of Cleveland and the Hunger Center of the Calvary Lutheran Church of East Cleveland. 

For the past two years, tremendous efforts are being made by the Rufus Darkortey administration to transform the organization from a social club to a very strong and professional organization with the capacity to adequately compete and profoundly deliver on its objectives. These efforts are highly challenging due to their financial intensities and time commitment, but with your usual support, we can all achieve this together. That is why we are proud to call you partner in progress.